Friday, 31 December 2010

Revisiting The Past

So, where to start? How’s about where I left off? That makes the most sense. Just before I pulled the plug on this blog I was off to stamp my jewel encrusted foot on another, previously, undiscovered land. Jeez how imperialistic does that sound. Anyways, in April of 2009 (some time ago), myself and my older flew off to Tanzania, first stop, and only stop, Makadi beach. From what I remember, it was an extremely chilled holiday. Serious R and R. It wasn’t my favourite holiday, which is no reflection on the country or company, it’s purely based on the type of holiday it turned out to be. I discovered that ‘resort’ based holidays are not my preference. I just hate to be in a country and not get a real sense of what it’s all about, to never meet a real local, who lives and breathes the country rather than living to serve tourist and jump through hoops for a foreign investor. Nonetheless I have plans to revisit Tanzania, however this time actually visit the country. Even so, I did have a good time, I think it’s impossible not to when the sun is shining and the palm trees are gently swaying.

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